Hometown Project

hometown project

over the past several months, I have been working on a series of works that depict iconic buildings, landmarks or other vistas of towns and cities that are important to me or the people who are important to me. i ran a special last summer and have decided to continue to expand the selection of places available. below are the works i have completed – now matted and framed – and an order form.

the prints are done on archival paper, the frames are all solid wood, and they are under clear acrylic glazing. all finished works are shipped directly to you from Finer Works in San Antonio. i have used them for years and their quality is exceptional.

if you are interested in purchasing the originals or would like to make a suggestion for the next hometown to be produced, please contact me. thanks!

Winter in the Wellesvilles (Cache Valley, UT)

14×11 print surrounded by lapis matting inside 1 1/2″ distressed off-white frame.


Hark Upon the Gale (Williamsburg, VA)

21×12 print surrounded by green matting inside 2 3/4″ black rustic frame with gold bevel.


Tribune Tower (Chicago)

12×12 print surrounded by raven matting inside 1 1/2″ grey ferro frame.


Eakins Circle to City Hall (Philadelphia)

12×9 print surrounded by cream matting inside 1 1/4″ walnut burl frame.


Memorial Carillon Tower (Wilmington)

10×16 print surrounded by off-white matting inside 2 1/4″ molded matte black frame.


The Battery (St. John’s, Newfoundland)

16×11 print with deckled edge floating on silver matting inside 1 1/2″ weathered blue frame.


Union Station (St. Louis)

15×11 print surrounded by cream matting inside 3/4″ mahogany frame.


St. Isaac’s (St. Petersburg, Russia)

12×10 print surrounded by white matting inside 1″ black frame.


Smith’s Bridge (Brandywine Valley, PA/DE)

17×12 print surrounded by brown matting inside 1″ ivory ferro frame.


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